A List of Why’s

Muted Blue Collage GRHello Monday.

The above is my most recent Soul Collage (thank you Vogue Magazine, June 2015).  I created this last Friday morning, as I could feel deep changes rumbling and wanted to tap into the Vision Retreat process for some added support and guidance.

Today is Memorial Day in the U.S. and I spent the 3-day weekend happily cocooned in the Finger Lakes working through some new material that is helping me go deeper into my micro-biz, Soul-filled Life.  Picture lots of journaling, answering long bulleted lists of questions, diving into personality assessments and core values.  It is supporting me to hit refresh and remember the why’s, who,’s hell yes’s and no thank you’s for my own entrepreneurial journey. Continue reading

Lilac Renewal

Lilacs GR

Hello Monday.

The lilacs are in bloom. I took this sunset photo of a luscious purple lilac bush, last week at Rochester’s annual Lilac Festival. I loved walking through Highland Park and enjoying the large variety of lilac bushes and trees. The blooms were fragrant and full.

Lilacs, with their brief and early blossoms, symbolize: spring, renewal, and fresh starts.

I am wishing you all three.

Gratitude to the Mother of Pink Trees

Pink Tree GR

Hello Monday.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day.  A holiday that, for someone who lost her mother to Ovarian Cancer (on May 11, 2001, exactly 14 years ago today) has bittersweet notes.  It’s more complex than just the loss of my mother.  My mother was not a woman who flourished in the role of motherhood.  She was super smart, and as a woman of the 50’s who did not have the career opportunities we see today, she seemed to wilt when it came to the drudgery of car pools, laundry and house wife’ing it.  She struggled with depression and alcohol, with the alcoholism putting her in and out of rehabs during my teenage years.

All to say that I know a thing or two about women who were not June Cleavers.  And I love my mom, especially with the passing of the years, which have helped me to embrace and accept all the imperfections.  She held me when I was sick at home with a cold, praised me for my life wins, had a passion for religion, and always made me feel good enough and beautiful.  She was also a democrat, a gorgeous red head, and had a cool style all her own (pink pants, bold striped dresses? Yes and yes.) Continue reading