Meaningful Monday Blog Series

Purple Trees GR

At the end of last year, I created a weekly blog series called “Meaningful Mondays.” It is inspired by the the question: How can Mondays feel more magical, flowing and smooth…a lot more like a Sunday?

“Dear 2015, I am inspired to transform Mondays with a new habit of writing a Monday blog post. I know, this is counter intuitive: to add to my schedule in order to access flow. But writing connects me to myself, my joy, and my truth. It also helps me connect to this beautiful community. And one of my favorite creative highs is pulling together writing with a delightful image. I believe this will be wonderful medicine for Mondays.”

There is a short list of rules for the Meaningful Monday Series: Continue reading

Consciously Speaking

Michael Neeley Jousting GR

My Intimate Chat with Michael Neeley

Last week I was interviewed by Michael Neeley, the creator of the new and rapidly growing podcast, Consciously Speaking. Last week Michael’s show hit #1 on iTunes New & Noteworthy for both the Self-Help and Spirituality categories.

I love the above photo from Michael’s About Page at his website (where he shares his transition from an actor to an author/trainer/coach). This fun photo captures the person I met over 10 years ago while living in NYC. At the time Michael’s acting work included Jousting at Renaissance Festivals and gigs on soap operas. If you look closely, the above photo is from an undercover story written by Elizabeth Gilbert back in 1996!

I am very happy to share this intimate chat I did with Michael on Consciously Speaking. Here are the links to “Episode 54: Heather Gray – Life Coach, Intuitive Healer & Akashic Records Expert”

Available on iTunes:

Available on the web:

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Skunk Medicine

Heather in Red GRHello Monday.

I want to write about Skunk Medicine today.  Yup. Skunk.

The skunk totem showed up for me not once, but twice last week. First with its particular smell under my front porch.  The odor, thankfully, lasted only 24 hours, but I am a believer in “signs” and I thought: “ Hmmm, I wonder what the  Skunk symbolizes…something stinky?”

But I brushed it aside without doing any research.  And as these things happen, I received a reminder.  On Friday, a friend offered to pick an Animal Medicine card for me and… I got the SKUNK. Continue reading