What Is the Best Message for You Right Now?

Soul-filled Cafe Presents:
Joshua Home Edwards

Hello Friend,

My primary reason for being here is to assist and inspire you to transform the monologue of your mind into a dialogue with the Divine…far more fully than you may have ever imagined…in such a way where you become absolutely saturated with Gratitude.

Self Hug

So, in this moment, I invite you to settle in…quietly…where you are and respond to this question:

“Who Would Like toThank YouRight Now?”

You may notice that this simple, innovative and profoundly empowering Prayer has helped something New move through you…perhaps allowing you to feel a little better…a little more enlivened, whole and uplifted.

Maybe you received some important information from an old friend or connected with one of your ancestors. Maybe you linked up with an animal companion or the Source of all Life.

In my experience, what matters most isn’t necessarily the content of the conversation, rather it is beneficial to understand that there is immense power in continually deepening this Divine Dialogue so that the energy of our Spirit keeps moving through us and out in to the world.

For example, I have said more than 1,185,958 prayers (sometimes at a rate of more than 10,000 prayers a day) in the name of helping to bring about a fully nourished world for everybody…internally and externally…in our lifetime.

Fruit Trees

As you can imagine, the Grandeur of my life has expanded exponentially during this journey.

For instance, I have been honored to co-facilitate a series of tele-conferences that have included Barack Obama, Dr. Jean Houston, Joe Biden, SARK!, Neale Donald Walsch, Roshi Joan Hallifax, Van Jones, Arielle Ford, Senator Michael Bennet from Colorado and Katherine Woodward Thomas (author of “Calling in The One”).

In addition to assisting these leaders and many other luminaries receive more than a quarter of a million dollars in contributions and investments, I serve as a tele-conference coach for non-profit organizations such as WeForest.org, Marin Advocates for Children and the Bottom Billion Fund (which provides microfinance investments to the 1.4 billion people on our planet who are trying to subsist on less than $1.25 a day).

Thankfully, I have also been immeasurably blessed to welcome Gina Maria Mele, my soulmate and my Wunna Wunna, into my life along with all of her exquisite gifts.

So, I offer a wide variety of effective spiritual practices in addition to a diverse set of tele-conferencing solutions to support the people I serve in exponentially expanding the quality of their lives as well.

And, what truly matters most to me in this moment, from my heart to yours…is what’s happening inside your mind…in this moment:

You might be noticing some judgments coming up…or you might be excited about encountering a new realm of possibility…regardless of how resentful or how wonderful your thoughts are at this point, I encourage you to use this opportunity to stop…and slow way down…so that your inner monologue can become an even deeper Dialogue…simply by responding to this central question:

“What is the Best Message…Available For You…From Your Spirit…Right Now?”

For Your Purpose,

Joshua Home Edwards

* * *

Joshua Home Edwards

Joshua Home Edwards has said more than 1,185,958 prayers to help bring about a Fully Nourished world for every body in our lifetime.

He has also served as a tele-conference facilitator for some of the world’s leading change agents including Barack Obama, Dr. Jean Houston, Senator Michael Bennet from Colorado, SARK!, Neale Donald Walsch and Gina Maria Mele (Co-Founder of the Massive Belief Relief clearing process).

In addition to assisting these leaders and many other luminaries receive more than a quarter of a million dollars in sales and contributions, he has served as a tele-conference coach for non-profit organizations such as WeForest.org, Marin Advocates for Children and the Bottom Billion Fund (which provides microfinance investments to the 1.4 billion people on our planet who are subsisting on less than $1.25 a day).

More than anything though, he lives to support people in the process of turning the monologue of our minds into a Dialogue with the Divine. His central question in life is: What is the Best Message…Available from Your Spirit…for You…Right Now? You can learn more about how his work can serve your purpose by going to: www.StrongPrayers.com

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38 thoughts on “What Is the Best Message for You Right Now?

  1. Hello Friends…I’m up quite late at the moment (it’s 4:43am here in Stillwater, Minnesota) and I feel like it’s the night before Christmas!  I’ve been preparing for this gathering as if we’re convening our own version of the United Nations and it’s a profound honor for me to welcome all you Soul-Filled ambassadors here to this unique event.As you can see from the information provided above, we have a number of different opportunities throughout the course of the day available for us to participate in a series of live (and lively!) community-centered teleconferences that are designed to support you in expanding your purpose.    These Soul-Filled Mastermind Groups occur at:9:00am PT (10am MT, 11am CT, 12pm ET)
    1:00pm PST (2pm MT, 3pm CT, 4pm ET)

    5:00 pm PST (6pm MT, 7pm CT, 8pm ET)

    You can receive the dial-in details by clicking on this link:http://myaccount.maestroconference.com/conference/register/D1WK9UX8MM7TYCAAs an added bonus, we’re keeping a conference line open all day that will serve as our Soul-Filled Lounge. So, you’re welcome to call                  (530) 216-4363             and use this Pin Number (673602#) to pop in and talk together about anything that would serve you.In case you’re wondering what we could talk about, my central focus is to help to bring about a Fully Nourished world in our lifetime (from within first and foremost through the power of our effective Spiritual practices) and I’m also glad to share the wealth of knowledge I have with you about how we can transform our social media buzz into the kind of deep bonding experience that happens when we’re cooperating with one another for a common cause on a community-centered conference call.With that said, more than anything though, I want you to know that what matters most to you today…is what matters most to me as well.  Of course, we’ll be maintaining the traditional blog format, and I’m definitely looking forward to engaging with your questions and comments here in this way so that people with many different communication styles are inspired to participate.For Your Purpose,Joshua Home Edwardsp.s. one of the great joys in my life is that I get to work with Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy (a.k.a SARK!) as the moderator for one of her on-line communities and one of the things that we encourage in this forum is for people to be Splendidly Imperfect…so I absolutely support you in giving yourself as much permission as possible to contribute typos and message fragments and half-baked ideas and shockingly nosy questions so we can all truly live it up while you’re here.  On a practical note, I’m going to sleep soon so that I can be refreshed for what promises to be a miraculous convergence of uncommonly qualified Souls and it’s likely that I’ll be back on the blog and in the Lounge after 9:00am Central Standard Time.Until then, I hope you have an egregiously good day!

    • Hello Joshua!  Thanks for your early morning note to our community.   And thank you for the “SARK! endorsed” invitation to be “Splendidly Imperfect” today!!

      As you know — I already had a “S.I.” moment, as this Cafe article was published with a misspelling in the link name (all fixed now and glad to see you made it over to the corrected link, J!)

      I am fixing myself some coffee over here and an egg over easy.  My house guests are sleeping in, so it’s nice and quiet right now.

      More soon. xoxo

      • My Goodness Heather…I am speechless with appreciation for you and your whole team behind the scenes (especially Leo!).

        I don’t even know if there’s anything I can say that could properly express the depth of my gratitude for all your immense support in terms of everything that went into bringing this “grande experiment” together.

        So, instead of just fumbling around here with my heart in my throat and not knowing what words to write…I’m inspired to simply ask a question while you’re sitting quietly with your coffee and egg over easy:

        “Who Would Like to    Thank  You   Right Now?”

        • Wow. That was great.  As I read your question, I felt a shift in myself and warmth in my heart.  When I checked to see “who” was thanking me…it was my “higher self” — or the part of me that is connected to spirit and feels like it hangs out in the ethers of joy.  And it was thanking the part of me that can be more of a task master (fixing broken blog links, wanting to please house guests, and blog guests… and now is in search of coffee…the house is out of coffee!!  emergency…lol)

          I love how that simple question just shifted it all into remembering the broader picture here and the love.


          • What an amazing time with you today and all the
            Star Seeds expressing themselves for the transformation of our life –
            from the mundane to the sublime. Lets buggie for the World Fest and all
            the other ways for transformation. Blessings…You may like, The Gentle Art of Blessing by Pierre Pradervand. AND Strays: A Woman, a Dog and the Timeless Wisdom
            of Nature.Thank God – you have all the time in the world!

            Kurt Krueger


          • Kurt,
             I met you on the 1 pm PST call today.  The connection, intention and focused alignment I experienced on the call with you was exquisite.  You had shared a piece about a festival you were involved in.  Creating space for celebration and transformation is where it is at!  My guidance is big on “grand / fun / celebration and powerful transformation / shifting / alignment all in one glorious bite.  Thank you for putting your energy towards manifesting this truth.

            With Firecrakers / Rainbows and Smiles.
            Gina Maria Mele

  2. So fun, Joshua and Heather! I’m looking forward to today!

    I plan on being on the first scheduled group call to be part of the wonderful community connection here…and look forward to shifts, exchanges, aha’s, inklings, and lots of love.


    • Thanks Sue…I’m looking forward to today as well…especially the aha’s and the shifts you just mentioned.  

      In fact, I might try and figure out how to have some inklings for breakfast :O)

      With Heaping Spoonfuls of Gratitude,


      • p.s. it was so wonderful to connect directly with you over the phone on Monday and I hope you’ve had a chance to link up with some of the people I referred to you and your organizing services.  I was asking my friend about the parts of his house that he’s most embarrassed about and he immediately said “The Basement!”

        Ahhh yes…I could say the same about my parts of my psyche as well.

        Thankfully, you’re here in the Twin Cities :O)   

        • Hi, Joshua,

          Yes, it was great to have a chance to speak with you! Yes, I have connected with them (thank you again!)…looking forward to meeting Jeffry in person on Friday at the meeting.

          And the basement represents our past and our subconscious mind…especially things that get put off being dealt with. So it’s no wonder that many basements start feeling overwhelming and stuck and heavy!


    • Thanks Sue — love having you here and will see you on the first scheduled call!
      And looking forward to exploring the possible practice of “1000 prayers / day”

  3. It is great to hear from Heather and Joshua and Sue so early in the morning.  I am here in the San Francisco Bay Area, enjoying a fantastic pastry and fair trade coffee with organic goat’s milk.  Yummmm!  I will be joining in on the call at 1pm PST.  I am looking forward to all the comments and discussions.  Heather and Joshua, it was an absolute pleasure to connect on the phone yesterday.  (Heather, I hope you got all the sand out of your shoes from the beach yesterday. LOL)  Sue, I would love to hear more about your supporting women in organizing and clutter freeness.  Fantastic.  Perhaps we can network a bit on the main line left open all day for the cafe.  My focus is assisting change agents in removing the limiting thoughts that keep them from manifesting their purpose quickly and effectively.  I also connect change agents to a source of guidance to assist them on their purpose’s path. 

    With Morning Blessings for All,
    Gina Maria Mele

    • Good Morning Sweetheart…it’s great to “see” you here in the Cafe and I just want you to know how thankful I am for the way you facilitated this connection with Heather (which lead to all the laughter I shared with Sue on Monday…which lead to her linking up with Jeffry and Lisa Tener–may we all have clutter free basements–metaphorically and beyond!) 

      You are such a Majestic Connector in so many different ways and I am honored beyond words to be with you in this world.

      I love you like a sequoia loves his Rings.

    • Hi, Gina,

      That sounds wonderful, Gina. I’d love to connect with you…I’ll be on the first scheduled group call for sure.

      I’d also like to look at ways we might collaborate. Your message is such a powerful one, and I’d love my virtual community to have a chance to meet you!


    • Goat’s milk!  You San Franciscans are always on that cutting edge. :)

      Great to have you here Gina. Had fun sharing with you and Joshua y’day in our “Scrunchy Face” conversation .  It was nice to be able to bring the energy of the beach to you both.

      Hope to connect more with you today. xo

  4. Hey Heather & Joshua!

    What a fantastic day!  I’ll do my best to catch your first call on my way to teach acting this a.m.!

    Thanks and looking forward to it!

    Love, Cherry

    • Thank You Cherry!  We’ll begin in about 10 minutes and in case you haven’t received the dial-in details through our registration link, you (or anyone else reading these words) can  call in with this number (530) 216-4363      and this Pin:  504205# 

      Until then,I hope you have a relaxing morning and I’m looking forward to learning more about what you’re teaching :O)

      • Thanks Heather…as I said to you over the phone, there were a couple of moments when I felt like Al Pacino in “Scent of a Woman” where he was driving the Ferrari blind and it was magnificent to behold what was happening for people in our Mastermind Groups.

        It was such a Rich experience for me to facilitate and witness some EXTRAORDINARY people supporting each other in that way and I heard from a number of folks about how they linked up with just the right person at just the right time.

        It would be great if you’d share a little bit about what opened up for you and I’m looking forward to seeing what other people who were on the calls have to celebrate as well :O)

        • Hey there….so the experience for me was a few things.  First, I loved seeing why you are such a fan of Maestro.  I’ve never experienced a group call like that — for those reading this and who may not have experienced Maestro before…Joshua is able to have us in one large group and then with a push of a button (like the Wizard behind the curtain) he is able to place us into small discussion groups that he monitors.  And then we come back together in our large group to process some more and share.  It was such a delight to see it all in action.

          And then on another level, I just enjoyed the connection that was happening.  In each of my breakout groups I happened to have one person who was new to me and one who was already a friend, which was cool synchronicity.  And I enjoyed hearing from others when we were back together about what they were getting from their groups.

          Looking forward to more.  Would love to hear from some other folks how it was for them as well.

          Are people dialing in to chat with you in the down times? 

    • If people have feedback about how this experience can be improved, I’d love to hear about how things can be even better for you and if you’d like to talk together in the Soul-Filled Lounge about what matters most in your world, you can dial-in through this line: (530) 216-4363       and this Pin:  673602#

      More than anything, I’m glad to be here for you and your Dreams.

  5. Hi Joshua and Gina!!! SO SO pleased to ‘meet’ you and hear all about you from Heather over the past couple days. I was the one driving the van to the beach yesterday with Heather doing her conference call!

    I LOVED your question Joshua about ‘who’s wanting to thank me right now’ I love how that makes me feel, and you’re bang on – it DOES have an instant and immediate energy effect. Thank you for that great insight.

    I have not been able to make the calls today, so maybe you’ve already discussed this topic, but I’d just love to hear your thoughts on money! Yay for money. Boo for money. Elation, disappointment, wins and losses… it seems money has been a roller coaster in my life, and most of the entrepreneurs I roll with…

    I get the feeling that today is a breakthrough day for me around this topic, and my but I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on it.


    • so happy you are bringing up the money – booga – boo. 

      (And thanks for the chauffeured ride to the beach y’day evening.  I think I do still have sand between my toes, ’cause focusing on work is slow today.)

    • Hi Alex!!! I just completed the second Soul-Filled Mastermind Call and I’m ready to levitate with thankfulness.  To give you just a thumbnail sketch, we were joined by Candace Cable, who is a 14 time Paralympic Champion (she’s also pushed her wheelchair from California to Maine) in addition to Jim Dygert who is the event coordinator for CEOSpace.net where he brings Fortune 50 CEO’s together with UN Ambassadors along with everyday people who are inventors and socially conscious entrepreneurs so that they can all work together under the model of Cooperative Capitalism and now I’m here connecting with you…about money :O)

      What A Great Day!!!  

      We were also joined by Tom Coleman who is the CEO of the Bottom Billion Fund (which is a microfinance institution who’s sole focus is to empower the 1.4 Billion people on the planet who are living on less than $1.25 a day) along with my beloved Gina Maria Mele, who assisted all of us in learning more about how to release our limiting beliefs…you know, stuff like Social Change “has to be hard work” or “you can’t do good and get paid at the same time.”

      So, there’s been a great deal of Alignment happening in a profoundly Guided way and my basic response to your question is that for me: Money = Whoo Hoo!!!

      And, I can relate to what you’re saying about the whole roller coaster effect…which occurs for me when I get caught up in attaching myself to money, rather than Money (i.e. Spiritual Capital).

      To be more specific (because I also get the feeling that today is a breakthrough day for you and many of us here around this topic) one of my best principles in life is that if I wish to be truly Rich…one of the best things I can do is to be as honest as possible…as often as possible.

      So, I’m glad to be uncommonly honest with you about this subject in the name of helping to bring this breakthrough about.

      For example, I notice that I can write the words Money = Whoo Hoo!!! but I’m not currently courageous enough to write out the exact amount of money I have in my checking accounts at the moment.

      In one sense it’s because there’s just too much “not-good-enoughness” blocking me from being that exact and as I think about what it would take for me to be honest on that radical of a level, I notice tension immediately coming up in my shoulders, around the right side of my neck and my breathing has gotten shallower.

      The High from our conference call has faded a little and…now I know that it is time for me to simply pray.

      So I ask my Spirit…what is the Best Question you have available for me now?  

      And the response from my Eternal Friends is: “We’re Here…We’re Here for You…We’re On Your Side…We’ve Got Your Back…We Will Be With You…Always and Forever.”

      Those are the words that are being whispered up from the middle of my Heart from the Source of Infinite Divinity that is Inherently Within Everyone and I’m now feeling quite a bit better.

      In fact, I’m incredibly moved by the power of this simple transformation because I’m now feeling myself befriending money in a much deeper and far more authentic way.

      In other words, I’m grateful that I got in touch with some of my “static” around money so that I could tune in to this whole new level of Music.

      Does that make sense?

      I hope it does because my invitation for you is to see what practice you could use in a consistent (almost constant) way to continually feel better about money…so that you can move from feeling like the journey of Money is that of a roller coaster to that of a rapidly expanding river of Connection that is eager to join with the Ocean of who we all truly are.     

      My focus is to do the practice that works best for me…from within first and foremost…as much as possible (now more than 1,000 times day) to accelerate the pace of meeting up with the Vastness that is our inherent nature.

      Practically speaking, the more I pray…the better I feel…and the better I feel…the more I pray…and as I feel better, things get better (e.g. it was so much fun to receive a Paypal deposit from an affiliate friend earlier this morning in fact!!!)

      Hopefully this extended response will serve you well in terms of the breakthrough you’re looking for (I highly recommend using the transformational processes that currently work best for you in a way where you dramatically increase the frequency of how much time you practice your approach).

      In other words, if you currently meditate for 30 minutes a day, I invite you to meditate for 30 minutes 3 times a day for the next 30 days and see how that influences your bank accounts.

      And, if you’re inspired by the simple process of receiving Thank You messages, I encourage you to add that element as well. 

      For example, when it comes to the subject of money, who would like to Thank You right now?

      I’ll gladly share what just came through for me with you when we speak with one another next (either on the conference call at 8pm eastern or sometime in the Soul Filled Lounge) and my basic recommendation is to find a way to feel better about money…more consistently.

      My intuition suggests that if you applied the Thank You process I just offered every time you had a troubling thought about money (maybe 30 or 40 times a day for the next 30 days), you would see a surge of absolutely Exponential Expansion in this department.

      Would that be a genuinely enjoyable journey for you?   

    • Alex,

      I love the questions you asked Joshua.  I am curious what your gudiance has to say on the topic of money.  Here are a couple of avenues to create a “guided: discussion about money.  First, you could ask yourself: ‘What is the Best Message…available from your Spirit…for You Right Now about Money?”  You could also ask yourself: ‘What is the Message I most don’t want to hear…available from your Spirit…about Money, Right Now?”  What I have learned from Joshua, is that gaining insights about the “Brightest” and “Darkest” aspects regarding a topic, like money, can help me find a healthy middle ground.  This middle ground is founded in me addressing my deepest fears and bringing them up and out into the world, while also giving space for the abundance in me to shine and make real the unimaginable.  I also invite you to visit my “Soul Filled Cafe” where I offer another tool for you to get in touch with your guidance.  I have found by regularly connecting to my guidance or “trusted source” as I call it, I can create extensive two-way dialogues that offer a bountiful source of enlightened ideas of how I can purposefully generate revenue while living my purpose and helping others move forward in theirs.  I might also suggest speaking with Heather directly.  I know her trusted source, Leo, has offered her some very specific and useful business / income generating ideas.

      In Gratitude,
      Gina Maria Mele

  6. To keep our conversation alive and thriving, I’m inspired to post my response to the questions we engaged on the Soul-Filled Mastermind Conference Calls here in hopes that other people who were in our groups and who are in this larger Soul-Filled Cafe community will be moved to share your information with everyone as well…

    As a review, our questions are:    

    1). What is your Name?

    2). What is Your Central Purpose?

    3). What is the Greatest Gift You Have to Share With the World?

    4). What Are You Looking For Now?

    For example, my simple 2 or 3 sentence response to each question is:

    1). My name is Joshua Home Edwards.

    2). My Central Purpose is to help bring about a Fully Nourished world for every person on Earth within our lifetime.

    3). The Greatest Gift I have to share is a process I’ve developed where I empower people to transform the monologue of our minds into a dialogue with the Divine…especially because I believe that when we are all Fully Nourished internally, a Fully Nourished world will emerge externally in a profoundly miraculous way. 

    4). I’m Looking to connect with people who are inspired to explore this internal process with me as I serve as a “Prayer Brother” and a guide for anyone who would like to explore the benefits of saying more than 1,000 prayers a day for 30 days. I’m also glad to assist anyone who would like to learn more about how to facilitate community-centered teleconferences where you can exponentially expand your experience of humanitarian effectiveness and prosperity.  You’re welcome to visit: http://www.SoulFilledSolutions.com to see more about why our “high touch” technology works so well (I am a proud ambassador for our company’s generous affiliate program) and you can go to http://www.StrongPrayers.com to begin experiencing how you can feel absolutely saturated with Gratitude on a daily basis.

    • Joshua — thank you for offering this forum here to share our purpose more deeply with each other.

      Here goes mine:

      1.  My name is Heather Gray
      2.  My Central Purpose is to be a source of light, joy and wisdom for others to live their BEST life possible.
      3.  The greatest gift I have is to help others live deeply fulfilling lives by encouraging them to follow their Golden Compass (the part of themselves that knows what is the best path for their true selves to blossom).
      4.  I am looking to find “Sponsors” for the Soul-filled Cafe.  I am putting together a formal “offering” for those who this is a fit — but it is the chance to have like-minded conscious businesses and entrepreneurs to highlight what they are up to with the thousands who gather at the Soul-filled Cafe events.

  7. Here are my responses to Joshua’s Questions:What is Your Central Purpose?-I see the Web of Light that is being created as each human being shifts into this new space of Spiritual Evolution and Conscious Being.  I am the Connector of these Hubs.  I serve humanity by connecting these pockets of Spiritually Evolved Beings together, assisting the natural flow of Unity that is unfolding. 

    What is the Greatest Gift You Have to Share With the World?

    -I see the Light in others.  I reflect their Light back to them.  I offer them tools so they can continue to see their own Light.
    What Are You Looking For Now?-Change Agents who are ready to remove their perceived limitations that are holding them back from effectively and quickly manifesting their purpose.  Change Agents who are ready to connect to a source of Guidance larger than themselves and engage in an ongoing communication with their Guidance so it offers clarity, inspiration and motivation for manifesting their purpose.In Aligned Purpose, for your Aligned Purpose,Gina Maria Mele

  8. Hello Joshua, Heather, and everyone who joined in on the calls the other day! What a wonderful connection. Thank you.
    In response to your questions…
    1). What is your Name and Email Address? Trina Ghauri, Ph.Dtrina@necessaryelements.comwww.womenwithimpact.com  2). What is your central purpose?To be an instrument of Love3). What is the greatest gift you have to share with the world?Insight & Understanding. I feel that I have the ability to see deeper into people and situations, which allows me to gain a broader view of all of the elements. Offering this insight to others helps to foster understanding, thus bringing greater harmony, love and peace.4). What are you looking for now?Peace and connection. In order to spread peace, we must not only delve within ourselves, but we must also make connections to share with one another. I am looking for opportunities to share this message and insight with people, either through speaking engagements, or writing. The content can be either in keynote format, or in a teaching format with practical tools to facilitate this in ones life. Feedback is welcome in order to help create this intention.Thank you! xo

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