Are You Giving Your Power Away to a Coach, Psychic, or Healer?

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In the book, “The Quest: A Tale of Desire & Magic” by Heather Strang, Kathryn Casey our heroine goes to an African Psychic. His prediction is so specific and she is so desperate to find “The One” she takes this prediction literally and tries to fit MR. WRONG into her life as a result. Admittedly, I have done this myself, and many other friends of mine have been guilty of this as well. The film that we are endeavoring to make deals with this very phenomenon and tackles the addiction to finding “the one” head on.

I am an avid fan of coaches, courses, healers, and psychics, and tools, but when used to control your situation or being stuck in the thinking mind it defeats the purpose. They are there to point you in the direction, but ultimately, it’s our responsibility to listen from the heart and allow the true messages that want to come forth for us to be present.

One summer back in my twenties, I remember how desperate I was to find answers. I felt frustrated that I kept looking outside myself, feeling like I needed these people or this information. My desire to be in control was leading the show and taking my power away.

However, whenever I asked a question, the right answer or resource appeared. At one point, I was led to Carolyn Myss’ “Sacred Contracts.” In this book, she used the analogy of Dorothy from “The Wizard Of Oz,” noting that Dorothy’s guides – the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Lion, the Good Witch, the Wizard (and even the Wicked Witch of the West) – were all a part of her journey, but she had the power within to get herself home all along. This was such a powerful message because ultimately we just have to REMEMBER who we are and where to look for the answers.

Just as an FYI, I’m not painting a picture that I have it mastered, because I STILL FORGET and have to be reminded over and over again. I love my guides and I will continue to have my spiritual entourage, but it’s important ultimately up to me to trust my own intuition.

Everyone’s access to their intuition is different, so I am not going to give you tools and rules here; I invite you to create your own process that FEELS good to you.

However, here is what I like to remember for myself and pass on to you: Sometimes the guidance that any teacher, psychic, mentor, or healer is giving you could be leading you in a complete different direction. Translated: don’t get too literal and try to force an answer.

When I feel myself forcing an answer – I know I am out of flow, and I’m in the thinking mind instead of the feeling one. I allow my monkey mind some airtime because it’s not always so easy to switch out of it, but then I ask the question “what do you want me to know?” and usually some answer will appear sometimes it takes longer than I like (but that’s my lovely EGO; always in a rush). Another great question I like to ask is, “Does this feel true to me?” inspired from the wonderful “Access Consciousness” by Gary Douglass and Dr. Dain Heer with the inner knowing that “the truth will make you feel lighter and a lie will make you feel heavier.”

It’s okay if the answer comes from “outside“ help; in fact, we as human beings have blind spots, and it will often take some sort of external stimulus to help us shift our perception. But it’s important to REMEMBER that you ultimately have the answer within yourself.

When working with someone, my new framework is to say to myself, “I am hiring this person to be the mirror for me to help me Remember the truth of who I am. Within me, I have all the answers I need. They are just helping me Windex it.”

The Quest cover

Brooke is the Executive Producer for The Quest Film, based on the book by Heather Strang

When Kathryn Casey, from “The Quest,” was forcing the answer with her psychic prediction and trying to be in control it reminded me of myself. I have been to countless healers, psychics, coaches, to the top of the mountain and back and have tried to finally have the relief of KNOWING.

My dear friend, Barbara George, once said to me when you’re “out of control” (and out of your comfort) is when the miracles occur and you are truly receiving. By out of control, I don’t mean in a destructive sense, but just letting go of NOT knowing or thinking you can control how the picture is going to turn out. Visualize it, and then detach and allow it all to come forward.

As a perpetual student, I will always see coaches, healers, and psychics, but from the filter of being an OUTLAW of attraction (I call myself that for the reminder to NOT control the Laws of the Universe from the thinking mind). Meaning REMEMBERING that we have all that we need to know inside us, to love ourselves fully and completely, and to be in full trust that the UNI-Verse has our back.

* * *

Brooke Emery

Brooke EmerySpiritual entrepreneur Brooke Emery, founder of B. Unlimited Productions, is a Possibility Synergist and Certified Strategic Attraction Coach. She is the Executive Producer for the film “The Quest,” based on the novel by Heather Strang. (The Quest Fan Page on Facebook)

As a Possibility Synergist, Brooke’s true gift is her wide-angle vision of possibility that removes blind spots and reveals opportunities for her partners. She partners with and matches up spiritually minded entrepreneurs, Internet marketing mavens, and creative thinkers, to cross-pollinate and promote progressive joint ventures.

Forbes recognized Brooke as a natural connector who has a “jelly bean jar” of creatively brilliant people in her life. She recently handled the joint ventures for “The Art of Success II” program by David Neagle, the Million Dollar Income Acceleration mentor to Ali Brown, Fabienne Fredrickson, and Suzanne Evans, among other entrepreneurs and personal development leaders.

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57 thoughts on “Are You Giving Your Power Away to a Coach, Psychic, or Healer?

  1. Hey Everyone! So happy to be here with you today. Please feel free to ask me any questions and share any insights. My intention for you today is that we tap into our inner/outer SPARKLE and allow amazing flow to happen for ourselves today. Thank you Heather for having me here. I love you.

    • Hi Brooke! Thank you for hosting our Cafe today. I love this topic that you are sharing and just so happy to have your *sparkle* with us today.

      It was so wonderful to get to see you in person at the end of April when I was down in NYC (and when this Soul-filled Cafe idea birthed itself.) You are a dear friend and I am feeling lots of gratitude for the many journeys we have taken together on this life path (from Reiki to co-leading One Wish Workshops together to sharing so many wonderful aha’s.)

      And, my first question for you…how did you start your day today? And what’ the weather in NYC like? (It’s raining here in upstate NY)

      • I started my day with my two little girls jumping on my head saying “wake up”. I made myself a YOGI tea with the message “Unlimited” on it. This word holds significance for me because we are unlimited as beings, but my company LLC is called B.Unlimited and we have many ventures happening right now so it felt like a little wink from the universe. Made them breakfast and took them to school and hugged them extra tight feeling such gratitude for how happy they are.
        I came home and said a prayer and now I’m here. My morning ritual varies from meditation and journaling to a quick prayer just getting it done. I love the mornings when my practice is longer, but grateful for whatever I can get done. The Sun is shining in NYC. Spring is in the air.

  2. Hey everyone – thanks for stopping by the Soul-filled Cafe. Brooke is an amazing connector and is full of information to share. Do you have any burning questions for her? I know she’ll help you connect with your own truth.

    AND – have you ever “given your power away” to a psychic or healer or coach? I know I have made this mistake. I went to someone who was powerfully intuitive and psychic (as in knew things about my life that only someone with a gift could know) – yet her advice was filtered through her own “filters” and not all of it was good for me. It took me a long time to really “see” that and realize exactly what Brooke is saying in this article. That is always comes back to our truth and our hearts. But it’s tough when you are really grappling with something in your life and wanting quick answers. I have had to learn that finding my own peace and slowing down is almost always the best way when I am in a swirl of wanting to find a fast answer or “fix” something.

    How about you?

    • I have had this happen to me so many times. One time I spoke to someone who said I was going to meet a “cancer” as in Astrology sign. The next Cancer I met was SUPER cool and fun and started to look like he had potential based on the prediction. He was ultimately a great guy but not ready for a relationship and I was super disappointed. However on a fun note 6 mos later met my hubby who is a Cancer.

      • Oh, that’s cool! So, it came full circle anyway! That’s like Kathryn’s story in The Quest a little bit. I have had intuitives tell me THIS IS THE ONE and I believed them. But, guess what? Nope, not THE ONE. Because even bigger aha – I am THE ONE already – there’s no one to “find.” On another note, some of the men I’ve been told “no, not it” – have been my deepest and most amazing teachers. Ultimately, we have to trust and listen to ourselves. No one really knows what is right for us – only we do. Thank you for sharing your wisdom Brooke! xo

        • Hi Heather!! Thanks for stopping in. I read your
          book (The Quest) about 2 weeks back and loved it. Can you share with us how much of that story was YOU? (I was curious about that as I read it.) And what are you working on these days?

          • Hi Heather!

            A lot of The Quest is based on my real-life story. I was given the prophecy from the African psychic (who you can get a session from as part of The Quest Film’s kickstarter campaign:, I went to John of God and I learned that I was addicted to The Quest. What’s interesting is that the Scott character came into my life (same initials as the character even!) about a month before the book was published. Talk about manifestation! :)

            The second book in The Quest series is Following Bliss and it comes out June 2013, where we’ll get to see more of Kathryn’s journey, but from another angle and meet a new couple.

            SO love that you LOVED The Quest! And I’m so excited to see it on the big screen (I’m silently rooting for Jennifer Goodwin to play Kathryn).


          • Hi Heather! ooo, yes to Jennifer Goodwin. She’d be perfect. And I am excited to read that you are writing a follow-up.

            And that is a very cool manifestation – meeting your Scott just as the book was birthing itself. Do you sense that writing it and getting that out was part of what had you ready to meet?

            One of my favorite parts of “The Quest” was reading about the John of God experience. I had heard a lot from Brooke about him, but to get to feel like I was in Brazil was very cool.
            I read most of your book while on the train back from a recent trip down to NYC. It was the perfect companion on the AmTrak ride along the Hudson river.

            For anyone reading this – you can purchase a copy of “The Quest” on your kindle for just $2.99!


          • Oh, Heather – you are so sweet! Thank you for sharing my book with your audience. It was so much fun to write and it warms my heart as I receive emails from women sharing how much fun they had reading it and it has even inspired some to open up their hearts even more. So, YAY!

            I feel like in writing The Quest I was fulfilling many aspects of my spiritual path. The whole storyline downloaded into my consciousness after seeing Abraham-Hicks (as I share in the Acknowledgments section) and so just the process of writing it was an act of faith for me. I was a serious writer (damnit!) and so I very much resisted writing a romance novel. But my guides and supports made it very clear that this was the path for me! Then I met a man just like the character I had created, then a month after it was published it was optioned by filmmaker Lee Scharfstein (Brooke’s husband) as a film. And now more of the world can experience this journey – to Brazil, to deep loving, to releasing the addiction to the Quest. It was truly a spiritual process in every sense of the word.

            Following Bliss has been similar in that way. Each novel is like my spiritual training and fun (all wrapped in one!) and then that gets to be shared with others and serves as spiritual training and fun (writing those juicy sex scenes is soooo good for me on many levels and I love the responses I get from readers – women AND men about how they enjoy them too!) for them as well.

            It’s amazing what’s possible for us when we follow our bliss and our heart’s desires. Writing The Quest really taught me that on many fronts.

            LOVE to you & def let me know if you have any other questions. xoHeather

        • Amen Heather! I love it. Everyone whose reading scream out loud “I AM THE ONE”. xoxo

  3. Hi Brooke!! I have (of course) loved working with you on “The Quest Film” and loved my session with Preston for those of you reading … he’s the Spirit Guide “Samorio” the African Pyschic is based on in the book. He is Amazing!

    My question to you is what do you hope for people to learn from Kathryn from the film “The Quest”?

    • Thanks Peg. You have been an incredible beacon of light for our project. Can’t wait to see you on set and the red carpet :). When I read Heather Strang’s book “The Quest”, it felt as if I had experienced her journey. In the book she is already “doing the work”. She visits Abraham Hicks, John of God and then she goes to the African psychic because she is so desperate to “find the one”. Once when listening to my friend Gabby Bernstein speak she used the term “manic manifestor”. Kathryn is a manic manifester and trying to control the laws of the universe and has an intellectual understanding but is not dropping into her heart listening to her inner guidance to see what’s in front of her and what she most needs to learn. What I found fascinating from this story was the “aha” of her being addicted to the quest. That is what I like to call the shadow side of manifesting. You get what you want and then say “is this it?”. My hope for people who see this film is to have access to personal growth opportunities to learn from her and have access to their inner guidance and trust themselves and be connected to their truth. What is unique about Lee’s vision (my husband) with the kickstarter campaign is that he is offering people to be part of the process of watching the film as a $10 backer reward. So you will get to watch him cast it and get the screenplay written and be part of the pre-production process, but the unique part is he is also interviewing experts in the personal development world so that people can get their own insights.

      (Side note: Heather introduced me to Abraham in 2001 when they were still on cassette tape. Love you for that. Changed everything for me and I tried to CONTROL it, Master it and had Kathryn inside me)

      • I love this! It’s like you taught me. Be the Lighthouse. Shine myself up it “he” will come to me. SO THRILLED for the Quest Film. And can’t wait for that red carpet. YES, everyone please donate. This story needs a wide spread audience.

        • Thanks Peg for being the sparkly lighthouse. I forgot to include the link to the kickstarter if anyone wants to join the web series at the $10 backer level

  4. Hi, Brooke! I feel like I know you already…Heather has said wonderful things about you! And I love what you say about trusting your own intuition. I too believe that we all have our own inner guidance that always, always, always steers us for our highest good.

    My challenge tends to happen when I feel like I’m not really getting any guidance (things are “quiet” on the inner front) and I really want to be doing something! Do you have any advice, wisdom, suggestions about how to hang in there when the guidance is quiet? How to hang in that place of not knowing with some level of comfort and ease?

    Thanks so much!

    • HI Sue- I know i feel like I know you too. I can’t say that I don’t struggle with this myself. One of my mentors who I go to visit in Sedona. really has been working on me to dig deep into that feeling of not knowing and allowing it to come through. On my last Quest with her we spoke about me constantly saying to that feeling “I am not leaving. tell me what you want”. Consciousness is tapping us on the shoulder always trying to telling us something. One of the traps I fall into all the time is wanting to fix it or get out of it with a tool or a rule. I struggle with this one constantly because of all the work I’ve done it’s me wanting to do that. Recently I find that by saying “I am listening and show me” it helps and most recently I am a big fan of Access Consciousness which basically talks about how when you ask a question the Infinite beings that we will seek an answer. There is a lot more to explain about that and if your inner guidance feels it’s a match to your spirit you will know. So I answer your question with a question. What would it take for Sue to have inner guidance with ease and to know and trust that all is well and unfolding perfectly like a universal red carpet for her?

      • Makes me so happy that you two are connecting!
        Brooke – I love that image of the “universal red carpet” unfolding perfectly. Mmmmhmmm.

      • Hi, Brooke,

        Thank you so much for your lovely response! And what a wonderful question…I check in with myself often about that very thing. I love being in action, so it’s being with the “waiting” or the “quietness” that can sometimes feel less comfortable. Yet reminding myself that all is unfolding beautifully can bring me back to my center. Thank you again!

  5. Hi there, Brooke! I love your energy and spunk and sparkle! (That bit about the OutLaw of Attraction is brilliant and fun! Heehee! Love it!). Your guest post made me stop since I’m currently phasing out of professional psychic work more into life coaching. I burned out from trying to teach people to listen to their own inner authority and how to access their own intuition. I think my burnout was a sign that the work is not in alignment with my rebel heart. As I transition into coaching, I feel lighter and freer. Ever since I began my “healing” career in 1998, I’ve considered myself just a facilitator of others’ healing.

    I’ve given away my power a few times to psychics, not so much to coaches. When I recently paid for a reading, I could totally tell the person Googled me! This felt so dishonoring of me and well, her reading was filled with her judgments of my desire to start up a garage band with my husband (she said garage rock and punk are dark energies. I was cracking up ’cause I mean, seriously, what is so dark about playing “Louie, Louie” or Joan Jett or Ramones’ songs? teehee!).

    I hope you don’t mind me asking a question. I know you have a stellar marketing background. What’s your take on the old, tried and true approach of making people feel their pain so that it will motivate them to buy services and products? I myself get physically sick reading marketing copy like this and well, I myself can’t write copy like that. I realize I need to convey what problems/challenges I solve for others as a coach. Yet, I have this belief that everyone is already awesome and with a bit of help, they can get to the next phase they desire. Some in my field say that I limit myself with my approach since I don’t appeal to others’ pain. I feel very conflicted about the methods, approaches and systems that typically create success in the coaching or internet marketing field. I know they “work” for some, but for me, they feel very icky and out of alignment. Do you recommend any books or resources for heart-based type of biz gals like myself?

    Thanks and love,
    Lisa S.

    • Lisa I love this and I am going to write a deeper response to you after I come back from picking up my kids from pre-school. Wow I can’t believe that this person googled you. In the meantime, go check out the website It talks about how we are in a “WE” cycle and therefore PUSH marketing is OUT. No more SAM I AM pushing Green EGGS in HAM. So that is good news for you…but more on that when I come back.

      • Hey Lisa -I think there is a way for you to sell that is more in alignment with your spirit. Sales is CRUCIAL for business and it’s not going anywhere but it’s all in the semantics. With my clients I teach them how to serve their clients into a decision to work with them. So having said that I think bringing attention to your potential perfect customer

        that you live in a world where you believe everyone is awesome and whole however you notice certain blocks that stop people and this is how you help them. One of my mentors Sharon Wilson has a wonderful program for spiritpreneurs called the “Empowered Spirit Preneur” and teaches the process called “Selling to Serving” that I love and is so heart based and really let’s your future customer powerfully choose you. She has some free books you can check out

        • Thanks for putting a language on that. I love that idea of selling in alignment with my spirit. Love your approach too, that resonates with me very much. Thanks for mentioning Sharon’s work too. I appreciate the resources xoxo Thank you so very much.

          • You are so welcome. When you learn to sell that way it actually makes it FUN!!! I never thought I’d say that.
            I wish you so much success and I am excited for your future clients. they are waiting to hear what you have to say so that they can REMEMBER that they are AWESOME. xo

    • Great to hear from you Lisa!! And love hearing more about where you are on your life journey. I adore your “rock girl” brand image – clearly that woman was not your tribe!

      • Thanks so much, Heather! :) I always enjoy your Cafe here and your work xoxo (Yes, seems like I wasn’t supposed to have further readings from that person lol). xoxo

  6. Hi Brooke,
    thank you for admitting that you have to keep being reminded to trust your intuition. I think that I have been questing long enough that I realize that my coaches can help me see more clearly, and yet I continually do not feel that I “know”. I guess I am waiting for a clear intuitive hit (one that’s not cluttered by extraneous info). if someone else sounds clear, then it is very tempting to trust their guidance. it seems that I will wait for hours or days or more, anticipating guidance, so surely I’ve just missed the voice that spoke, in a way that was too subtle for me to hear. how do you stick with remaining receptive, knowing that your guidance has not yet arrived?

    • Hey Liz-
      thanks for writing. When I feel cut off from my intuition it feels like insanity to me, however the minute I accept that I am not supposed to know right now and allow myself to be human and to NOT know the sooner the flow turns around for me. I find that for me I love to journal. Sometimes I write out all the
      GUCK that’s weighing me down and then I ask for help to clear it and remove it and then I state how I want to feel. I love journaling, cards (in moderation) and having a high vibe tribe to reach out to. I love signs too but they can be tricky because the THINKING MIND will want to make it mean something that is not happening instead of asking the sign to show you. When I was in Sedona last year I got the intuition to go to this coffee shop. At the coffee shop I had a very synchronistic experience with the owner and she gave me this black and gold beaded necklace. I caught myself wanting to figure out what it meant right away then allowing what it wanted to show me. It didn’t reveal to me until a few days later what the necklace meant. That is a longer story. Essentially the necklace broke into a thousand pieces the night before I left and it was very clear the message for me was to let go of needing to know and trust (easier said then done but it’s a PLAY in progress). It’s the fear of not KNOWING that can trap us instead of being in the question “What do you want me to know?” and then playing clue. If Heather Gray is up to it I’d love for her to chime in on this topic as well because I feel she has added insight on this. I hope this helps. xo

      • Hey Brooke – I wrote a bit above to Liz…and will say it again here (thanks for asking… )

        One of the things I notice, is that guidance is often things like: Just
        wait, don’t do anything, go for a walk, don’t respond, let that thought
        go, etc. And often we want the 2 by 4 answer to the center of our
        forehead instead!

        A great illustration of this is in “Eat, Pray, Love” at the very beginning when Elizabeth Gilbert is praying on the bathroom floor about whether she should get a divorce or stay in her marriage. The answer that comes (and is PERFECT) is “Go back to bed Liz.”

        What I’ve learned for myself is that the part of my mind that wants to “figure it out” and have immediate and very clear instructions is my “ego”. When I am sitting over in spirit chair, I find peace and know that things are unfolding and I can allow the answers to come to me.

        So when you find yourself panicking for an answer, I’d say the very first step is to do anything to return to a peace-filled state of mind. And then simply ask, “What am I to do now?” or “How am I to hear this?” etc.

        A favorite resource of mine for “purifying” the mind is called “The Inner Ramana” by Regina Dawn Akers (it’s a small book and comes with an audio CD)

    • Hi Liz! I love what you said (and this is so true)… ” if someone else sounds clear, then it is very tempting to trust their guidance.”
      One of the things I notice, is that guidance is often things like: Just wait, don’t do anything, go for a walk, don’t respond, let that thought go, etc. And often we want the 2 by 4 answer to the center of our forehead instead… ;)

      • Amen Heather! I think it’s comforting to know that people who have been at this along time still have blind spots and that it’s okay and we can all be mirrors for one another and REMIND each other when we forget. That’s part of the human experience.

  7. Hi Brooke! I love this topic and I even started writing a screenplay play about it, how we can seek and seek but the answers are always within. I love how you call yourself an OUTLAW of attraction. Can you tell us how you allow the laws of the universe rather than trying to control them with the thinking part of your mind?

    • HI my beautiful friend. I can’t wait to read your screenplay and see it on the big screen. The reason I call myself the outlaw of attraction is to REMIND myself not control the laws of the universe. I still fall back and do it. However I find that when I take time for self care and doing my spiritual practice is when I am most connected to source and trust. I think letting go of it having to be on my time is extremely helpful. I also find that PRAYER is incredible access for me to turn it around. When I am short on time I ask for Grace and spirit to guide me. I love Joseph Murphy’s books. I also have learned to embrace the challenging times of being uncomfortable and change as a gift that I am getting a big fat gift of wisdom on the other side deeper then I have ever understood in the past. I love it when I am in flow with the laws of the universe and I forgive myself when I am kicking and screaming through the laws. Especially as a mompreneur as I know you understand it’s a balancing act that sometimes I can juggle and other times not so much. I think having the conscious knowing and observing I am in thinking mind is the first step that allows me to be in flow with the laws. Awareness and trust that all is in divine time.

      • LOVE the reminder that we are not in control of everything. So important! The one consistent piece we ARE in control of is how we choose to react, show up and BE in any given situation. Love your wisdom – thanks Brooke! xox

  8. Going to pick up kids at pre-school. Will be back with some deeper responses. xoxo
    How does it get any better than this? What else is possible?

  9. Hi Beautiful Brooke! I love love this topic. It is exactly what is happening in my life right now. My question for you, and maybe this has already been answered, if so please just copy and paste :)….how do we stay focused on really listening to the answers that are within us? How do we not become side-tracked, especially when things are going awry. It’s easy for me to find answers when things are moving on course, but I find it much more difficult when things are not. Thanks for your wonderful insight! xoxo Lacy

    • Hey Beautiful Lacy –
      I have touched on the topic below a bit but in terms of getting side tracked and things going awry……sometimes inner and outer roadblocks will come up when you PLAY a big game. The way we are designed with our mind is to keep us safe so even if we are not in danger we will want to go back to feeling comfortable right away. It’s through allowing the challenging time to speak to you by asking what it wants to tell you is where you can get the clarity you are seeking. Another question to ask is “What’s right about this that I am not getting?” sometimes you will get the answer right away and other times it will make it self clear later on. I think the key is to remember we are all being divinely guided. In 2001, my friend Sharon has an apartment in Battery Park and was going to sublet it to me. Her tenant ran away with the key and couldn’t get us in because she was out of town. She was so upset and frustrated and I knew there had to be a reason. We moved somewhere else and 11 days later her apartment was destroyed by 9/11. So even though things might not seem they are going our way, the might be secretly protecting us and gifts. In those times where it feels like everything is awry
      I love the Abraham Hicks vibrational scale of well being where you just
      ask yourself a question “What can I do to make myself feel a tiny bit better?”
      Or some general questions that I like to say “What would it take for me to have clarity around this?” “How can I have the most focused day on the planet?” Immediately your mind will seek to solve it and will evolve on it’s own. I love music to change my state and journal writing. I have tons of exercises that I do to get me back in flow that I will have to put it in a book
      I write what’s going on and then ask for help and then state how I want to feel.
      And don’t forget reach out to your spiritual besties to listen to you. Having your a high vibe friend listen to you is always a way to get the energy moving in the right direction. In terms of the above article, I do love having a coach who has the skill set that I need to help me stay on track, keep me in possibility, and will take me through the finish line. I said “help’ me because i am ultimately responsible for getting me there. I hope this helps. I am here for you. Remember you are on a very important MISSION my friend. xxo

        • The force against us going into that apartment was SO great.
          Heather were you with me for Margaret Ann’s Reiki 3 in battery park the week before? I forgot to mention taking time in NATURE is a great teacher as well.

          • No – I did the alternative training over the weekend on the upper east side. I had a nudge to switch to the one you were in and ignored it! (In order to be a “good student” – ugh)

  10. Thanks everyone for a beautiful day! I had so much fun being with you. Heather you are AMAZING and am grateful to you for hosting me. LOVE to you all.

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