Skunk Medicine

Heather in Red GRHello Monday.

I want to write about Skunk Medicine today.  Yup. Skunk.

The skunk totem showed up for me not once, but twice last week. First with its particular smell under my front porch.  The odor, thankfully, lasted only 24 hours, but I am a believer in “signs” and I thought: “ Hmmm, I wonder what the  Skunk symbolizes…something stinky?”

But I brushed it aside without doing any research.  And as these things happen, I received a reminder.  On Friday, a friend offered to pick an Animal Medicine card for me and… I got the SKUNK. Continue reading

The Big Dig

Unique Ability Montage GR

Hello Monday.

Today I am diving into a recently rediscovered treasure, a book called, Unique Ability:  Creating the Life You Want.  I have had this book for seven years, and this is my third time diving into this process.  The premise of the book is that your Unique Ability expresses your true essence, comes to you naturally and easily, and is something that you love to engage in.

You have inside you an incredible force called “Unique Ability.” It’s a combination of your personal talents, passions, and skills. You’ve always had this ability, but you may never have stopped to clearly identify it. Few people do. ~Catherine Nomura and Julia Waller

The paradox is that which comes easiest is also the thing you may disregard, because it feels too simple and goes against any beliefs that you need to struggle or work hard for your rewards.  Unique abilities can become buried beneath skills you have learned and thought you needed to survive in this world.

I’d like to find this buried treasure.  How about you? Continue reading


Imagine Sign GR

Hello Monday.

It is amazing how much can shift in one week.

Last Monday, when I wrote this post, I was in a swirl after de-cluttering the storage areas around my home. I had heavy emotions coming up (i.e. “despair”) and was not feeling moved to make any big plans for 2015.

The next day, on Tuesday, as I was journaling at one of my favorite cafe’s and I had a quiet nudge to walk a few doors down to a beautiful historic building to inquire about a room that I thought may be available to rent. Continue reading