Mondays More Like Sundays (Please)

December Pink Leaves

I took this photo of pink leaves dripping with moisture, at the end of my morning walk today.  I love how the salmon color stands out against the December woods. The fact that I took the time to notice and take a photograph has to do with a new schedule I am creating for myself at Soul-filled Life. Every Monday throughout 2015, I will be publishing a blog post. Meaningful Mondays. It scares me a bit to announce that.

Mondays for the past couple years have been an open day for me. It has been a day when I do not schedule clients or meetings. This habit formed from a sense that it would be helpful to leave one day open for planning and creating. Yet, I’ve noticed that Mondays, with all its emptiness, can feel more anxious than free. The creeping thoughts: You are not doing enough, Why are you working on that…work on this, or This is taking way too long.

Yesterday was different from today.  Yesterday was Sunday and it was: Continue reading

Dreaming on Paper

A page from my art diary

Since returning from Esalen, I have been on a creative adventure:  putting paint to the page, starting each day with a creative practice (I am well into my second Art Journal), and happily taking photos and posting on instagram.  Along the way, I have discovered endless inspiration from artful bloggers, who use their creativity for self-healing, and exploration.

What I understand from the depths of my soul is that creativity is truly an endless resource.  And that is will take anyone who is willing to go on the ride for a perfect and often unexpected journey of healing, growth, discovery, beauty, and connection to Self and others.