The 10 Step Guide to Healing Your Life

Yesterday, I began my day with some vision boarding and re-watching of Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” DVD. It felt yummy — especially given a brand new month and the release of hurricane energy that started off the week. Louise Hay’s personal story and teachings are a great reminder of the power of […]

Free Resource for Conducting Your Own Soul Check-in

Would you like to access one of my favorite tools that I often use when first working with a client? I call this a “Soul Check-In.” It’s also known as the “Wheel of Life.” I love it because it gives a nice overview and visual for all major areas of your life: career, relationships, home […]

Sitting at Life’s Crossroads?

Every time life brings you to a crossroads, from the tiniest to the most immense, go toward love, not away from fear. Think of every choice in terms of “What would thrill and delight me?” rather than “What will keep my fear—or the events, people, and things I fear—at bay?” ~Martha Beck When I first […]

Inner Peace and Change

So many changes are happening around us. Everywhere I look, especially in the news, I become aware of how we are truly living through times of GREAT change.  How you navigate change is one of the keys to staying on your true path.  If you attempt to hold onto old structures, it will cause you […]

Making Sense of Change

photo by thekeithall Have you ever noticed that life doesn’t follow a nice straight trajectory? You can plan, predict and think positively, but sometimes your soul (aka expanded-higher-true self) has other plans. Last month I wrote an article about a certain celebrity’s recent life events that perfectly illustrate how a catalytic event (like it or […]