How to Overcome the Un-Healthiest Holiday Mistakes

Q&A with Karen Schachter,
Health Coach + Founder of “Dishing with Your Daughter”

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What is “Dishing with Your Daughter” about?

Dishing with Your Daughter is about my passionate belief that all girls and women deserve to feel free, fully expressed and amazing in their bodies and their lives.  I know that girls and women are so much “bigger” than the size of their thighs or the number on the scale. When we empower girls and women to recognize how truly “big” they are, we not only heal individuals — we heal families, painful legacies, and perhaps even the world.

Dishing With Your Daughter is also about connection: helping individuals connect to their inner selves, their inner passions, their inner truths; and helping moms and daughters connect in meaningful ways to each other. I believe magic happens through this kind of connection. These words may sound lofty, but it comes down to this: our beliefs impact our lives and the lives around us. Becoming conscious of our beliefs and our actions (are they nourishing or depleting, kind or critical)  and the messages we convey to our daughters, creates empowered action, which can lead to big change.

Why are you a Health Coach?

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Are You Giving Your Power Away to a Coach, Psychic, or Healer?

 Soul-filled Cafe Presents:
Brooke Emery


In the book, “The Quest: A Tale of Desire & Magic” by Heather Strang, Kathryn Casey our heroine goes to an African Psychic. His prediction is so specific and she is so desperate to find “The One” she takes this prediction literally and tries to fit MR. WRONG into her life as a result. Admittedly, I have done this myself, and many other friends of mine have been guilty of this as well. The film that we are endeavoring to make deals with this very phenomenon and tackles the addiction to finding “the one” head on.

I am an avid fan of coaches, courses, healers, and psychics, and tools, but when used to control your situation or being stuck in the thinking mind it defeats the purpose. They are there to point you in the direction, but ultimately, it’s our responsibility to listen from the heart and allow the true messages that want to come forth for us to be present.

One summer back in my twenties, I remember how desperate I was to find answers. I felt frustrated that I kept looking outside myself, feeling like I needed these people or this information. My desire to be in control was leading the show and taking my power away.

However, whenever I asked a question, the right answer or resource appeared. At one point, I was led to Carolyn Myss’ “Sacred Contracts.” In this book, she used the analogy of Dorothy from “The Wizard Of Oz,” noting that Dorothy’s guides – the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Lion, the Good Witch, the Wizard (and even the Wicked Witch of the West) – were all a part of her journey, but she had the power within to get herself home all along. This was such a powerful message because ultimately we just have to REMEMBER who we are and where to look for the answers.

Just as an FYI, I’m not painting a picture that I have it mastered, because I STILL FORGET and have to be reminded over and over again. I love my guides and I will continue to have my spiritual entourage, but it’s important ultimately up to me to trust my own intuition.

Everyone’s access to their intuition is different, so I am not going to give you tools and rules here; I invite you to create your own process that FEELS good to you.

However, here is what I like to remember for myself and pass on to you: Sometimes the guidance that any teacher, psychic, mentor, or healer is giving you could be leading you in a complete different direction. Translated: don’t get too literal and try to force an answer.

When I feel myself forcing an answer – I know I am out of flow, and I’m in the thinking mind instead of the feeling one. I allow my monkey mind some airtime because it’s not always so easy to switch out of it, but then I ask the question “what do you want me to know?” and usually some answer will appear sometimes it takes longer than I like (but that’s my lovely EGO; always in a rush). Another great question I like to ask is, “Does this feel true to me?” inspired from the wonderful “Access Consciousness” by Gary Douglass and Dr. Dain Heer with the inner knowing that “the truth will make you feel lighter and a lie will make you feel heavier.”

It’s okay if the answer comes from “outside“ help; in fact, we as human beings have blind spots, and it will often take some sort of external stimulus to help us shift our perception. But it’s important to REMEMBER that you ultimately have the answer within yourself.

When working with someone, my new framework is to say to myself, “I am hiring this person to be the mirror for me to help me Remember the truth of who I am. Within me, I have all the answers I need. They are just helping me Windex it.”

The Quest cover

Brooke is the Executive Producer for The Quest Film, based on the book by Heather Strang

When Kathryn Casey, from “The Quest,” was forcing the answer with her psychic prediction and trying to be in control it reminded me of myself. I have been to countless healers, psychics, coaches, to the top of the mountain and back and have tried to finally have the relief of KNOWING.

My dear friend, Barbara George, once said to me when you’re “out of control” (and out of your comfort) is when the miracles occur and you are truly receiving. By out of control, I don’t mean in a destructive sense, but just letting go of NOT knowing or thinking you can control how the picture is going to turn out. Visualize it, and then detach and allow it all to come forward.

As a perpetual student, I will always see coaches, healers, and psychics, but from the filter of being an OUTLAW of attraction (I call myself that for the reminder to NOT control the Laws of the Universe from the thinking mind). Meaning REMEMBERING that we have all that we need to know inside us, to love ourselves fully and completely, and to be in full trust that the UNI-Verse has our back.

* * *

Brooke Emery

Brooke EmerySpiritual entrepreneur Brooke Emery, founder of B. Unlimited Productions, is a Possibility Synergist and Certified Strategic Attraction Coach. She is the Executive Producer for the film “The Quest,” based on the novel by Heather Strang. (The Quest Fan Page on Facebook)

As a Possibility Synergist, Brooke’s true gift is her wide-angle vision of possibility that removes blind spots and reveals opportunities for her partners. She partners with and matches up spiritually minded entrepreneurs, Internet marketing mavens, and creative thinkers, to cross-pollinate and promote progressive joint ventures.

Forbes recognized Brooke as a natural connector who has a “jelly bean jar” of creatively brilliant people in her life. She recently handled the joint ventures for “The Art of Success II” program by David Neagle, the Million Dollar Income Acceleration mentor to Ali Brown, Fabienne Fredrickson, and Suzanne Evans, among other entrepreneurs and personal development leaders.

Yoga for Opening Your Heart

Soul-filled Cafe Presents:
Betty Larrea, Founder of Be Yoga Be Love


I have been on the path of my heart for over 15 years. For most of my life, I had been obsessed with love and finding a romantic partner. I spent so many years looking for love and validation outside of myself, until I realized that I had to find love in myself first. It has taken years of practice and reflection to remain on this path of self love. Yoga has been an integral part of that journey for me.

Self-love is a daily commitment to treat yourself with respect and compassion. Love begins with self acceptance, which is why yoga is such a powerful practice for nurturing self-love and opening your heart. Practicing yoga allows you to accept yourself, even the parts you don’t like.

The first time I walked into a yoga class, I had the experience of being out of my body while simultaneously feeling fully IN MY BODY. I had struggled with body issues and perfectionism my whole life and here I was letting go of the judgment and settling into myself. I continued to go to yoga class over the years because it was the one place where I could to just “be”, without judgment or criticism. Some days I could balance in Tree Pose and other days, I felt all wobbly and out of whack, just like in my life. But no matter what pose I was able to do or not do, I always left my yoga class feeling good about myself.

Until last summer when I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training, I did not have a regular yoga practice. Despite the fact that I was teaching 10 children’s yoga classes per week and could see the sense of peace in my students, I had not made a commitment to make yoga a discipline in my life. Throughout my rigorous training, I learned that yoga was much more than a physical practice, it had the potential to open my heart.

Each time I get on my mat, I am opening my heart to myself. I become more aware of myself ~ physically, emotionally, energetically. I am fully aware of my body, its strengths and its limitations. I can see where I am holding tension in my body, where I can let go more, ease up more, connect more and love myself more.

childs pose

Here are five simple ways to create your own heart centered yoga personal practice, whether you practice at home or in a studio.

1) Set an intention for each class.
Choose something that you are committed to have happen in your life. Ground yourself in that intention and devote your practice to creating space, being OPEN to receiving.

2) Be present.
Yoga is an opportunity to be present, to allow anything to come up and to accept where you are in the moment.

3) Give yourself permission to be imperfect.
Be gentle with yourself. Do not push yourself to do that pose you always struggle with, especially when you are feeling out of sync.

4) Listen to your body.
If it feels better to rest in Child’s Pose rather than going for that 6th Vinyasa, take the time to give yourself what you need. Only you can know what truly serves you and tuning into yourself is part of loving yourself.

5) Surrender in Savasana.
I mean really surrender. At the end of yoga class, when you find yourself thinking about of what you have to do next, let it go. Whatever it is, it can wait. This is YOUR time. So just allow yourself to melt into the mat and find that place of pure surrender.

6) Remember that yoga is more about the journey than the poses.
The journey is like a coming home to yourself, coming home to your heart.

I leave you with a brief visualization meditation that you can use before your yoga practice, to ground yourself in self love.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. As you exhale, imagine you are letting go of everything that is holding your attention from your day, watch your thoughts come and go like clouds in the sky. Notice what you are feeling, thinking and let it all go. With each breath, bring your attention closer and closer into yourself, to being here, right now. This is your time, take this time to connect with that deeper part inside you, the part that knows she is taken care of and is worthy of love. Trust that everything is as it should be, you are perfect exactly as you are, where you are. Breathe into the wholeness of who you are, feel the power of honoring yourself enough to give yourself what you need in this moment. Acknowledge yourself for the strength and courage it takes to nurture yourself in this way. See yourself as a beautiful light and let it radiate forth from your core, let it open your heart to receive the love and goodness you deserve.

* * *

Betty Larrea

Upcoming Guest: Betty Larrea

Betty Larrea is a writer, yoga instructor, artist and educator who is devoted to inspiring others to love, express and BE all that they are. Betty loves playing with words and has been a writer for over 20 years. She is currently working on several book projects, including a series of yoga and spirituality books for children. Betty has performed her poetry at the Nuyorican Poet’s Café, sold her original artwork and jewelry at The Big Art Show in NJ and Philadelphia and showcased her self-published poetry at the 215 Independent Book Festival.

Betty received her 200 hour yoga certification from Three Sisters Yoga in NYC and her children’s yoga teacher certification from Karma Kids Yoga. With over 12 years of experience teaching yoga to children and families, Betty founded Be Yoga Be Love, which delivers yoga and arts enrichment programs and events at schools and fitness centers in NJ. She also provides private in-home yoga instruction, tutoring, writing coaching and is a course facilitator trained by the author of the best-selling book Calling in the One to lead workshops for women to attract love into their lives.