Have You Ever Asked Yourself this Question?

Trail Sign (photo by Heather)

For the past several months I have been Deep Soul Diving into the Akashic Records with many remarkable individuals. This has been very exciting as well as informative: highlighting for me where individuals are challenged, asking questions and seeking clarity.

A question I often hear during an Akashic Records session is, “Am I living my Soul’s purpose?” This question makes perfect sense (especially when you are accessing soul level consciousness), but what I have noticed is that the question itself does not give us a lot of juice. What is energetically palpable is when we dig in and ask questions about the specifics of a person’s life. It is the difference between window shopping versus entering the store and really figuring out what you want.

When I am in the Akashic Records with an individual, the juiciest places are in the details of one’s life and especially the current places where there is struggle. The parts of your life that feel “tough” or “difficult” are like “trail markers” for the Soul. And, as someone who loves to explore and write about signs, I wanted to share some common trail makers I have been uncovering in these sessions that help point to whether you are living your Soul’s Purpose or Calling.

The question, “Am I living my Soul’s Calling?” tends to come up when things feel amiss (when things are flowing, we don’t tend to ask about it!) And this makes sense. Living your Soul’s purpose is very much about your participation in the world (few of us have the calling to go meditate in the mountains.) Your “calling” will have a nourishing feeling, may be quite practical and will have a unique “just right” fit for you.

The following are what I have found to be “trail markers” for being on and off the path of your Soul.

Off your path / Not living your Soul’s Calling

Between Stacks of Books

  • You are doing a job that does not fulfill you
  • Nagging feeling that there must be more to life
  • Lack of motivation
  • Feel depleted and depressed
  • Feel overwhelmed on how to make a difference
  • Confused about how to reconnect to what matters most to you.
  • Dissatisfied in your core relationship(s)

On your path / living your Soul’s Calling


  • Feel sourced from within
  • At the end of the day you feel a sense of meaning and that you have made a difference
  • You feel great about your relationships and how you are living your life
  • You feel in alignment and integrity with how you make a living
  • You feel part of the solution
  • You are empowered and challenged to be your best self
  • Your relationship to yourself and to those in your life is fed and nourished by your own sense of satisfaction
  • You feel that you are building something that can have a legacy in the world
  • You feel creative and inspired because you have a sense of connection to something “bigger” than you.

It is through your day-to-day navigation of life that your Soul’s purpose emerges. And the great news is when you can bring the struggle to the light of consciousness it is both healing and transformational.

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Finding Your Own North Star

Sun and leaves

“I’ve been privileged to watch many people discover their own North Stars–and it always is a discovery, an “uncovering,” rather than a creation [out of nothing]. Even people who have never experienced much happiness, who have been plagued since birth by confusion, injustice, and pain, know exactly what set of conditions will allow them to fulfill their potential while creating the greatest positive impact on the world. I guarantee that you have a similar image inside you.”
~Martha Beck, “Finding Your Own North Star”

For the past several months I have been Deep Soul Diving into the Akashic Records in private 1:1 sessions with a variety of wonderful individuals. What I’ve experienced again and again in these consultations, is that when we hit on a deep and resonant “truth” for someone, it has an enlivening energy to it. It feels good and full of life. This truth-filled energy sometimes feels like a quickening and other times it literally moves me to tears.

The experience never fails to amaze me. It also reminds me that each of us has a unique, soul-filled path to walk. What is truth for you may not be my truth. And what is exact guidance for one client, is never a blueprint for another. What I do know is that discovering your Truth can swing opens new doors and lead to a path of healing and much needed growth.

The following are some indicators to help you find your own North Star (vs. hanging out in the weaker shallows of life).

Finding Your Own North Star 101

Living inside of you are two different “selves”: a social self and an essential self. The social self is shaped by cultural norms and expectations. It is confused about what is actually “truth” for you, and hangs out in the shallower end of life, working hard to fit in and avoid bad stuff from happening. The essential self is the deeper part of yourself that was formed before you were born and is on a longer, soul-led journey. It is the core of your personality and it is what signals you when you are moving towards your North Star.

The following are two lists to help you clarify the very different languages of your social vs. essential selves.

Behaviors of the Social Self are…

  • Avoidance based
  • Conforming
  • Imitative
  • Predictable
  • Planned
  • Hardworking

Behaviors of the Essential Self are…

  • Attraction based
  • Unique
  • Inventive
  • Surprising
  • Spontaneous
  • Playful

Following the essential self is simple but not easy. You will know you are on track when you feel energized in natural and authentic ways. As you trust this essential part of yourself more and more, it will become the mapmaker of your joyful and well-lived life.

If you’d like to read more about how your essential self signals when you are on and off track, please access my free guidebook, 7 Signs Your Life is Off Track.

DIY Redesign: How I Created a New Look for Soul-filled Life

I recently updated the look and feel at Soul-filled Life. The old header with my headshot and the tag line, “Your path to soul-satisfying success,” (created more than 3 years ago) was feeling stale and uninspired. I knew I was ready for a change, but for a while felt stuck on where to even begin as it felt like a big project to redesign the branding of my website — and I also thought it would be expensive and a long process.

What I discovered is that it does not have to be that way!

I replaced my old design with a brand new clean look and zen feel, and the best part was that the process was simple and fun, did not rely on expensive outsourcing, and deepened my ability to trust my own creative choices.

Use these steps to organically develop a new look or style for any area of your life.

1. Collect images that are appealing.
I flagged other websites and blogs that I found attractive. I also collected images in my Pinterest account – a favorite, free tool that makes it wonderfully, easy to create collections of digital images.

2. Notice themes and patterns.
After collecting dozens of images, I noticed that I was drawn to very simple designs with white backgrounds. Another theme was an attraction to unique fonts that looked drawn by hand. I also loved the addition of a simple, pretty graphic.

3. Keep what is already working.
The previous Soul-filled Life banner included Lotus wings that I have always loved. They are simple curved lines with the ‘drawn look’ that I like, and are both ‘butterflies’ or ‘lotus flowers,’ depending how you see them. The butterfly-lotus symbolism is perfect for “soul-filled life,” read about that here and here.

4. Start “molding” the new look.
Play with the elements you love. Create multiple drafts and switch up the basic elements. I played with a couple different fonts. I also switched around the placement of the lotus wings graphics that I knew I wanted to include. And lastly I played with the color of the font and wings.

5. Narrow down your choices and trust what “clicks.”
After creating multiple mock-ups, I eliminated my least favorites to come up with my favorites. Then I took some time away and when I came back with fresh eyes, I could narrow down the choices even more.  Finally, I needed to trust the look and feel that really “clicked” with me.

6. Implement.
My final step was to send the final, favorite look to my graphic designer, who re-created it for the website.

What I love about this process is that it taps into your intuition, and bypasses too much “thinking about it.”  It is also organic and relies on simple, personal choices that you choose, instead of hiring someone else to make them.

The majority of this process is about noticing what you really like (or what makes your heart sing!) When you trust this process, you’ll find that genius elements fall out. For example, I discovered that the font I was naturally drawn to is infused with ancient wisdom: the papyrus typeface is made to look like it was drawn on papyrus 2000 years ago. I also love that this same font is used here.

Are you working on any creative design projects? Please share your thoughts!