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Magic happens when you commit to creating the space, time and intention to creating your best life.  Soul-filled Life Coaching gives you the clarity and support you need to create real life change.  My specialty is working privately in one-to-one sessions.  I work via the phone or Skype. Below is a description of my current offerings. If you have a question, please contact me so I can support you.

Brooke Emery Circle “Setting aside the time to do the work with someone who really is holding the space in a loving way is very powerful. In a busy world of today to give yourself the gift of the time and from the comfort of your own home is priceless. Working with Heather is an opportunity to really get clear on where you are and where you want to go not ruled by the THINKING MIND. When given the opportunity to drop in your heart and get access to the TRUE you is where the magic happens. Heather is the perfect guide for this type of work.”
~Brooke E. (Founder of Attraction Boutique,



Single Private Coaching Session (60 minutes)

Find Clarity, Create Movement, and Discover Best Next Steps

You may feel stuck on a specific situation, fearful about moving forward with something that is close to your heart, or confused about which direction to take. I would love to help you clarify what is true for you, find the confidence to trust your inspired ideas, and discover your best next step for moving forward. Often the best things happen when we simply take that next step that lies just outside of our comfort zone.

We will meet via phone or skype.  Use the button below to schedule your session with me.

Price: $125

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Your Big Life Change Program

Create Movement, Miracles and MoreYBLC Packet

Ready to move from ‘thinking about’ to making change?  The Big Life Change Program will help you:

  • Be in action on ideas that have been living in the one-day-someday realm
  • Move beyond  “I’m not good enough” syndrome
  • Take steps and leaps towards a heart-filled goal
  • Create a plan for ongoing movement and success
  • Receive loving support from someone who has walked through the fires of change

As your Big Life Change Coach, I will support you to breakthrough the blocks, bring clarity to the confusion, and get started before you think you are ready.  LEARN MORE HERE

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Kimberly Schneider circle“Thank you Heather for helping me learn to ignore the constant distractions and stay focused on the call of my soul…with your help I am letting go of the extraneous activities and ‘must dos’ and making space for what feels true and real. I’m giving birth to my heart centered business–and a life that nourishes me.
~Kimberly Schneider,

The Deep Soul Dive Akashic Records Consultations

Access Guidance, Direction and Transformation Through the Akashic Records

Imagine easily receiving clarity, insight and right actions steps for the areas of your life that are the most important to you. This is exactly what is possible for you in receiving a Deep Soul Dive Akashic Records Consultation. The Akashic Records are a soul-level dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every individual’s soul and its journey. What does this mean for you? By accessing the heart of your Akashic Records together (using the Pathway Prayer Process©), we can directly access guidance, direction and healing transformation that is perfectly tailored and illuminating to you and your situation.  LEARN MORE HERE.

Lisa S CircleI found that I had massive confirmation about my path being right for me, which is very healing as an aspect of getting a reading to me! I liked in general the feeling of being able to ask questions and tap into my soul’s records. This felt empowering to me more so than a regular psychic reading that is future-oriented. I’d say the benefits are having more inner peace about my path, knowing that I’m headed in the right direction.”
~Lisa Selow,

Questions about coaching?  Contact me so I can support you.

What Others Are Saying

“Heather is a no nonsense and compassionate mentor. She has helped to steer me on the path of my success that was laid out in our very first call. She’s the woman who taught me that “more is less” and led me to my very first BIG LEAP.” ~Lisa Berry, Founder of “Dating Your Diet”

“Using a gentle, yet powerful approach, Heather has a unique way of merging the practical with the spiritual. She worked with me to quickly assess the areas of my life that were out of balance. I emerged with a clearer vision of my career aspirations and a better sense of what I needed to do to fulfill that vision.” ~Sally Clark, Director, Cowgirl Productions, Inc.

“Within 2 weeks of my coaching session with Heather, I had an unexpected check for nearly $3000–a direct result of my applying a Heather tip. I look forward to learning more from her!” ~Jayalalita , The Trust Coach

“In one conversation, Heather said something that kept reverberating, giving me the courage to adjust my way of working and opening the door to a better lifestyle. If you’re looking for someone to guide you in the process I couldn’t imagine a better person for the job!” ~Deirdre Fay, Safely Embodied

“Before learning Heather’s straightforward process to tap into my own wisdom to choose the next direction to take with my business, I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by all the options I had available to me. Heather’s coaching, wisdom, and practical strategies made it easy for me to confidently make a decision in five minutes that I had been struggling with for over four months – and know that it was the right decision for me!” ~Sue Rasmussen, Certified Life Coach

“My interactions with Heather always leave me feeling clearer, calmer and more on track. What most astounds me about Heather’s gifts is her ability to help me know when to slow down and when to speed up, when to contemplate and when to fly into action. She is quite unique in her ability to help you literally chart a course for your business based on your own personal rhythms, talents and preferences.” ~Baeth Davis,