Live Your Best Life

I work with creative, smart and unique individuals who are ready to initiate life change that makes their hearts sing.  I offer one-to-one coaching, private retreats, Akashic Records Consultations, and live workshops. Explore my offerings below to see what may support you the best. 


One-to-one Coaching

Ready to step into the life you imagine for yourself? As a life coach, I love helping you find the clarity and confidence to design beautiful change. We can work together through a one-time Life Catalyst Session or choose a three-month or six-month coaching package.

"Heather’s coaching, wisdom, and practical strategies made it easy for me to confidently make a decision in five minutes that I had been struggling with for over four months – and know that it was the right decision for me.” —Sue Rasmussen, Certified Life Coach
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Akashic Records

Imagine easily receiving clarity, insight and right actions steps for the areas of life that are the most important to you. This is exactly what is possible for you in receiving a Deep Soul Dive Akashic Records Consultation.

"I was able to hear the deep wisdom in Heather's counsel about my purpose, and to trust the challenging path I had taken in the past three years more fully from my soul's perspective." —Kathleen Hanagan
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Workshops + Events

Workshops and special events are an opportunity to gather, in-person or online, around a topic that will inspire you and invite change. These are treats for your soul: full of connection, insight, and supportive activities. 

"The experience of the Vision Retreat has left me with peace and confidence that I am more than enough right now and I have faith in the future." —Tasha