Mission Accomplished

The chance we didn't take GR

Last week, I led a Soul Collage Vision Retreat in Pittsford, NY.   Reflecting on this experience there are many things I am grateful for: the weather was cold, rainy and perfect for being inside with magazines, scissors and glue sticks; we had a nice, intimate group that loved learning this unique soul collage, envisioning process; and I relished  the beautiful creations, deep insights and intimate sharing that came out of our day together.

But the part that I am most grateful for is a sense of mission accomplished.  Because the idea for doing an in-person Vision Retreat has been floating around in my head space for quite a while.  Maybe years. What did it take to finally get ‘er done?

Choosing a space and setting a date. 

That’s it.  Well..okay, yes, there was a list of things to do after that.

I needed to:

  • Make the request to Suite Artisty’s owner to use her beautiful design studio
  • Set the time and price for the workshop
  • Create the invitation
  • Set up the registration process
  • Work out the class outline including guided meditations
  • Purchase the workshop materials
  • Invite (emails, in-person conversations, social media sharing)
  • Answer questions
  • Lead the workshop

Yet, it was the throwing my hat over the wall that was the key to seeing this project through to completion and celebration.  My hat was over that wall once I publicly chose the location and selected the date.  After that, the to do list got done.  Though there is one more critical ingredient…

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Affordable + Unique to You

Your Big Life Change BannerTwo weeks ago I was woken up in the middle of the night with the idea for a coaching program that is both affordable and tailored to your needs. A couple days later the name Your Big Life Change dropped in. Following the guidance, I am excited to unveil this new offer for you.

If you have been sitting on a project, wanting to make change, or needing support to get an idea off the ground, then this may be perfect for you. The pricing is an easy investment, as I am hoping to attract both seasoned professionals as well as those of you who may be brand new to life coaching.

Turning ideas into reality is not magic. In working with hundred of individuals over the years, I have learned that success requires a combination of:

▪ Dreaming and Visioning
▪ Focus and Clarity
▪ Exploring and Planning
▪ Experimenting and Playing
▪ Designing and Action Stepping
▪ Launching and Tending

With the right support and guidance, making big life change is not only possible, it can be fun and exciting. Learn more here.