The Big Dig

Unique Ability Montage GR

Hello Monday.

Today I am diving into a recently rediscovered treasure, a book called, Unique Ability:  Creating the Life You Want.  I have had this book for seven years, and this is my third time diving into this process.  The premise of the book is that your Unique Ability expresses your true essence, comes to you naturally and easily, and is something that you love to engage in.

You have inside you an incredible force called “Unique Ability.” It’s a combination of your personal talents, passions, and skills. You’ve always had this ability, but you may never have stopped to clearly identify it. Few people do. ~Catherine Nomura and Julia Waller

The paradox is that which comes easiest is also the thing you may disregard, because it feels too simple and goes against any beliefs that you need to struggle or work hard for your rewards.  Unique abilities can become buried beneath skills you have learned and thought you needed to survive in this world.

I’d like to find this buried treasure.  How about you? Continue reading

Your Beautiful Life Change

YBLC Gritty GRHello Monday.

Lately I feel like so much of my life has been thrown up into the air and at some point, I assume, I will see where it all lands.

What’s that quote?   The only thing constant in life is change.

I have written about life change and the “Change Cycle” for years now.  And yet, the disorientation of navigating change is forever teaching me the deeper truth:  I am not in charge here.

As I settle into the new studio space at Imagine, I realize how much is shifting for me:  the way I have worked with clients, the types of products I am offering, my schedule and how I have seen my work.  With this new terrain comes fear.  Did I make the right choice?  What if this doesn’t work out?  What if I am going in the wrong direction? Continue reading

Thoughts on Faith and Surrender

Faith Collage GR

Hello Monday.

I created the above image using a new iPhone app called Diana Photo.  It combines two photos and creates a double exposure effect that is beautiful and surreal.  You can choose the images to combine or allow Diana to randomly choose two from your photo stream.  The latter process created this image.  I love how the word faith is overlaid on this dock that seems to disappear into a sky of clouds.

I like looking up the definitions of words.  Here’s how defines faith:

Faith (noun)

1. complete trust or confidence in someone or something.
2. strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.

Faith is a big theme for me in both my personal life and work life. Continue reading