Snow Day Bliss

Book, blanket & remote GR

Hello Monday.

My heart is full of gratitude today.

To start with, I am grateful for waking up this morning to a snow blizzard. Upstate NY is being brought to a lovely pause by mother nature and I love it.   When I began these weekly Monday posts, I had the desire for Mondays to feel more like Sundays.  Today is a winner.
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Yoga Notes

Cobra Pose

Hello Monday.

I spent the past weekend in Toronto attending a Yoga workshop.  At the beginning of the month, when one of my local instructors mentioned the idea, I was surprised when I found myself saying, “Yes, I want to attend.”

Though I have been practicing yoga since 1995, this was the first time that I sat on my yoga mat with a journal and pen and took notes while a master yogi broke down specific postures and helped us to “feel body parts.” Continue reading

Meet the Note Writer

NoteWriter Collage
I first came across Jesslyn’s beautiful caligraphy and design on Instagram.  I hired Jesslyn last November, to do the lettering for my new logo design.  I am happy to introduce you to her work and her journey. 

* * *

In your own words, what is “The Note Writer”?

The Note Writer is a boutique graphic design studio, which specializes in modern calligraphy. My calligraphy is created by hand using a nib, pen holder, ink and paper. The design is then digitally edited to create high quality logos and prints.

How did you become interested in calligraphy? And what has your craft taught you?

I received a calligraphy kit as a child but couldn’t figure out how to write with it. Then a few years ago I became interested in the art of letterpress and acquired my own vintage press. I started reading a lot of letterpress and design books and decided to study graphic design in 2013. Through my studies I gained a greater understanding of typography and handwritten fonts and then became exposed to the work of a lot of talented calligraphers, which made me decided to have another go at learning this beautiful art.

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