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Welcome to the Soul-filled Cafe. This Podcast is dedicated to you, my fellow best life seekers, and designed to uplift and inspire you to have the clarity and confidence you need to create beautiful life change. This is a place to meet up and clink virtual coffee cups over an inspiring topic or special guest interview. 

Do you have a topic you want to hear about?  Use the form at the bottom of this page to let me know.

The Soul- Filled Café was originally launched as a weekly guest blog event (2011 - 2013) which attracted thousands of participants. Previous Guests included: Marketing for Hippies' Tad Hargrave, Soul Art Studio's Laura Hollick, Actress Melora Hardin, Savor the Day's Meadow Linn, Dishing with Your Daughter's Karen Schachter, The Big Dream Project's Alex Baisley, Author Farhanna Dhalla, and Marketing Coach Vinca Heart.

I look forward to sharing this new podcast with you. 

Click here to subscribe to the Soul-filled Cafe on i-tunes.  

Click here to subscribe to the Soul-filled Cafe on i-tunes.  


Upcoming Episodes


Episode 1

Heather discusses the new Soul-filled Cafe and the Season One theme of Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone. 

Episode 2

Brooke White Sweater.jpg

Heather interviews Spiritual entrepreneur, Brooke Emery, founder of B. Unlimited Productions.  Brooke is a Possibility Synergist and Certified Strategic Attraction Coach.  Forbes recognized Brooke as a natural connector who has a “jelly bean jar” of creatively brilliant people in her life.

Episode 3

Heather interviews Sue Rasmussen...


Is there a topic you would like to hear at the Soul-filled Cafe?