The Soul-filled Life Intensive
Find Your Right Life No Matter What!

A 30-Day Soul-filled Journey

“Everything You Need to Create the Freedom to Be, Do and Have What You Want, Lies Within You and Your Current Life Circumstances.”

I’d like to introduce you to a unique program that has been created to be your personal tool kit to discover your soul’s clarity, make right choices for yourself,  and allow your inner wisdom to radiate in every area of your life. This 30-day journey is a unique opportunity for you to take time to go within, clarify your soul’s vision, and step into your best life.

  • Understand how your true self guides you EVERY day (from the small to the big life decisions) towards growth, evolution and fulfillment.
  • You will have access to guidance, resources, and exercises to help you tap into your own wisdom and find your right life (no matter what!)
  • Unique journaling, treasuring tools, and visual exercises will take you deeper into your own discovery process and help you ongoingly connect with your own clarity, wisdom and brilliance.
  • You will be creating your own soul collage, using my unique and simple method  (see a corner of my own soul collage above).
  • You will be learning how to navigate the change cycle in your life and when it’s best to make big leaps vs. tiny steps.
  • You will take inventory of where the various parts of your life are today, how to lean into the fire of authentic change and align towards a juicy future in all areas.
  • Find out the exact times when it will support you to think and dream large and when  you need to be hands on and go slow.
  • How to step into your true power with quantum forgiveness, and how to affect true transformation in your life.
  • You will learn my best key concepts and success strategies, that I’ve taught to private clients over the past 15 years, in helping them move through blocks to claim their best selves.

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The Laptop Lifestyle Freedom Kit

This is a “must have” resource full of inspiration for YOU if you’re looking to create your own brand of entrepreneurship on your terms.

LL Freedom Kit BoxThe Laptop Lifestyle Freedom Kit is perfect for you if:

➢ You see successful entrepreneurs working and traveling and genuinely making a difference in the world and you wonder if you can create your own business

You were inspired by Timothy Ferris and the “4 Hour Work Week” and want to know more about how other entrepreneurs (especially holistic practitioners, life coaches and creative, heart-centered entrepreneurs) are creating lifestyles of freedom and fulfillment

➢ You desire a career that gives you the ability to make a good income while living, working and playing anywhere you choose

➢ You have a great passion to make a difference in the world and want to know how to make money from your passion while helping others

Need a small boost of confidence to move forward and have been looking for a “tribe” of entrepreneurial spirits who have been there and done that

Are inspired to make changes (especially the big life changes) to really live the lifestyle of your dreams whatever that means to you

Want the inside scoop from Laptop Lifestyle Entrepreneurs who will tell you exactly how they’ve done what they’ve done so you can do it too

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