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People tell you you’re easy to talk to.  You’re compassionate and non-judgmental (we all have our paths, right?) and have a thing for living outside the lines. There’s a good chance you’re a professional coach (yes?) and a definite chance – regardless of your line of work – you’ve landed here because it’s important to you to really show up in your life. You’re self-aware and conscious about how you are in the world – with your loves, your friends, your colleagues, your clients – but you are so open to learning. Learning more about yourself and learning good stuff that you can share with others. You, you’re very generous that way. You’re often busy. Especially if you’re a coach or other solo entrepreneur. Doing what you do, the way you do it is full, rich, saturated work. It can be tiring. And it can be a little bit lonely. So I wanted to gather us kindred, sometimes-weary spirits together in one nourishing place, once a week, for as much or as little time as you’ve got. Enter, the Soul-Filled Café.

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How it works

I launched the Soul-filled Café as place for coaches (professional and otherwise) to share their unique expertise with like-minded others – in a casual, blue jeans (or cotton pajamas) kind of way. We post an article or video from our featured guest in the morning. (I’ll send you a quick e-mail reminder with the link so you never have to worry about forgetting.) Throughout the day, you’re invited to stop by, submit a comment or question online and participate in a soul-filled conversation with the expert. There are no scripts, no agendas and zero sales pitches – I choose experts who are genuinely excited to share their hard-won wisdom and to hang out, clinking virtual coffee cups.

We cover such glorious topics as:

  • Tips for easy marketing that feels really good
  • The connection between clutter, overwhelm and your highest potential
  • How to reclaim your body mojo
  • Bringing down your “money walls” (woot!)
  • The latest website strategies (and how to avoid costly design mistakes)
  • The biggest mistake women make when it comes to men
  • The journey from “life sucks” to lifestyle (and why “the thing you do” is less important than you think)
  • Telling the truth about who you are, in a deep way that resonates with your core and connects to your tribe

Who’s already stopped by

  • Don Smith
  • Don Smith
  • Sue Rasmussen
  • Colette Kenney
  • Dewey Maile Lim
  • Wendy Harrington
  • Tad Hargrave
  • Vinca von Muhlenberg
  • Amanda Moxley
  • Lisa Manyon
  • Laura Hollick
  • Rejuvenate Love Week
  • Carolyn Ellis
  • Lisa Berry
  • Jaya
  • Bette and Michael
  • Sarah Robinson
  • Tracey Ceurvels
  • Alex Baisley
  • Deidre Fay
  • Melora Hardin and Gildart Jackson
  • Karen Schachter
  • Kimberly Schneider
  • Isabel Parlett
  • Sue Rasmussen
  • Cherry Norris

Join the conversation. It’s free to sign-up, of course!
And we’d love to have you.

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